Board of Directors
The force behind  Pflege Techno Chemicals & Engineering Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. are four people, each of whom have come from different walks of life to put together a company which creates magic for engineering world through innovation in chemicals...
Sameer Desai
Chairman & MD

A twelve years industry veteran, Sameer has been credited with knowing the business inside-out. Going back to the start of his career he started his career in the field of HR and then worked in different sectors and fields. He is highly educated having B.Com, MPM, MLL&LW, MBA (IB & HR) in his credit.

Sameer blends over 12 years experience in different fields of management with a background as the man behind various well-known innovations in the field of management. Under the guidance of Mr. Bhat he successfully acquired the chemical industry knowledge in short span of time and also made his presence in the industry.

After taking experience and feel of working culture of some corporate and educational institutions, In 2013 Sameer Desai became an entrepreneur through establishment of ‘Pflege Techno Chemicals & Engineering Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd’. in Pune. He is responsible for transforming engineering worries into smiles through truly caring engineering world.
Dr. Shamkant Sheth
Vice Chairman

Dr. Shamkant Sheth is serving the company as Vice Chairman of the company.  Dentist by profession Mr. Sheth settled in USA 40 years before. Though he is dentist, entrepreneur was in his blood since his young age. He is pillar and support for many industries in and around the world. He brings over 25 years of entrepreneur expertise to ‘Pflege Techno Chemicals & Engineering Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd’. and is responsible for managing International Market of the company, strengthening the technical infrastructure & expanding the organisation’s scope of business in the world.

Mr. Sheth has completed his BDS and started his career as Dentist in Chicago, USA. As a Vice Chairman of ‘Pflege Techno Chemicals & Engineering Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd’. he is handling the International Market of the company.
Sunita Sheth

Mrs. Sunita Sheth one of the founder Director of ‘Pflege Techno Chemicals & Engineering Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd’. She has done BA from Pune and blends over 20 years of entrepreneur expertise with her. She has successfully handled many businesses in USA and India. As a director of the company she is handling all the administration part of the organisation in India & USA.