Pflege DG-90
In a typical manufacturing or maintenance set up, a variety of components are required to be cleaned up from minor coating of oil / Grease.  Also, on many components Oil / Grease layer is applied as a conservation measure.  This layer is to be removed before putting the component in services.  Pflege DG-90 is a highly effective formulation which removes Oil / Grease / grit fast & at the room temperature.
Appearance Liquid
Colour Colourless to milky white
Odour Neutral
Density 1.0
Homogeneity Consistent
PH 9
Dilution 1 : 3 minimum

You can use as a cold degreasing formulation.

  • Dipping method:
    • Prepare the bath of Pflege DG-90. 
    • Dip the component for appropriate time. (Depending on severity of Grease / Oil coating).
    • Lift form bath & allow component to dry.  No wiping / Drying is required.
Manufacturing unites, Solar Industry, Railway Industry, Steel manufacturing Industry, Automobile Industry, Pipe Line Industry,  All Unites performing maintainance work