Pflege FTC

Fuel tanks on vehicles as well as engines used for D.G.Sets etc. are prone to internal corrosion. This is a typical phenomena resulting in microscopic pin holes, which are difficult to trace. The fuel leakage through these pin holes, apart from fuel loss is also a safety hazard. This is a typical corrosion, the causes for which are traced to following :

  • Fuel tanks are manufactured from sheet metals which are sheared to required size. The process of shearing introduces edged stresses which can lead to edge corrosion.
  • The sheared sheets are then formed and the end sheets and inlet and drained are welded. The welding process introduces stresses. These stresses trigger corrosion. [Welded joints are advised to be annealed to release weld stresses. However , in case of fuel tanks , annealing may not be feasible, due to their volume]
  • Fuel generally contents residual moisture which can condensate during nights / winter. Also in partially filled fuel tanks, the air inside contains moisture, which condensates during nights / winter. These droplets, being heavier than fuel, settle at the bottom and can initiate corrosion.
  • Pflege Techno Chemicals has developed a unique coating option – Pflege FTC. – which provides an effective remedy. This can be applied after the fuel tank is fully fabricated. It provides an effective anti-corrosive coating, which has a fast drying action at room temperature and is economical also.
  • Pflege FTC.  gives a protection from corrosion or rust which takes place because of continuous use of diesel. Pflege FTC.  will give protection for at least 15 Years and no leakage from small pours will take place for 15 years.
Appearance Liquid
Colour Very light yellowish to colourless
Odour Characteristic organic  0dour to odourless
Density 0.88 Approx
Rub strength
[Diesel / Petrol]
Passes 100 thousand strokes.
Contact withstand
[Diesel / Petrol]
Passes 10000 hours.

Application of Pflege FTC. on inside surface of fuel tank is quite simple. Suggested below is one probable method.

  • Take fully finished fuel tank. Close drain plug and open filling cap.
  •  Fill Pflege FTC..- – about 25 % of fuel  tank volume and close the lid
  • Shake / rotate fuel tank for around 30 second so that Pflege FTC. reaches all the surfaces and Services.
  • Open drain plug and drain the material, keeping the fuel tank slightly tilted towards drain plug.
  • Allow around four hours drying time .The Fuel tank can be handled after this period. The use of fuel tank to store fuel should be preferably after 96 hours.
  • Drained out material can be REUSED. After few recycles if the material appears contaminated due to manufacturing debris, like material particles / burr, filter the material through nylon cloth mesh.
  • Above is a simple suggestion. One can device own application method to suit the individual needs.
  • Pflege FTC. is natural air drying. However, there is some limitation on period of drying as there is no proper air circulation inside the fuel tank. In case the production is to be expedited, hot air circulation or over baking can be adapted. Temperature 70 degree centigrade approx. Duration – 20 minutes.
  • In some occasions, fuel tanks are externally painted with oven baking type of paint or powder coating. In such cases one of the following options can be followed.
    • If the oven baking temperature is below 100  degree centigrade for less than 30 minutes, then Pflege FTC. inside will remain intact.
    • If temperature or time is more than above limits, Pflege FTC. should be applied after the external painting / powder coating. [ In this case , even if Pflege FTC. spills  on finished  painted or coated  surface , it will not have any damaging effect as long as it is wiped clean within to 15 minutes approx.
Specific Note:
For cleaning of equipments, if necessary, use Pflege FTC.. solvent.
5 X 5 = 25 ltrs / 50 Ltrs Pack.
Automobile Industry