Pflege Pro - CS
Construction steel bars are always stored in open at the construction sites. This open storage naturally triggers rusting. This is especially bad during monsoon [Rains] and winter [morning dew].

The rusted bars are problematic when they are used in RCC structure. The rusting does not allow proper bonding of concrete admix   to the bar surface. This is not desirable. In addition, if there is some lacuna in concrete compacting, it leaves few air ways which allow atmospheric air to permeate inside, eventually leading to honey combing effect. This , even though, is an extreme case, can lead to compromise structural safety.
Pflege Pro CS, is highly effective polymer coating which has good adhesion to construction steel bars.  Pflege Pro CS, doesn’t allow atmospheric oxygen or humidity to come in contact with the steel bar surface, thus protecting it from rusting.

Pflege Pro CS,   is formulated in such a way that it has good adhesion to steel surface as also it allows good bonding of concrete admix. [Pull out strength is not sacrificed] It also protects against possible honey combing effect.
Pflege Pro CS, can be applied on construction steel bars in one of the following ways :-
  • The bar , as received , are given Pflege Pro CS, coat . This ensures conservation during storage period.
  • In case, there is no storage period anticipated and freshly arrived bars are immediately taken up for bar bending, the Pflege Pro CS,  film can be applied in situ, once the structure is completed.
  • Pflege Pro CS, is a quick drying liquid and can be applied either by spraying or brushing.
  • In case, the bars already have rust on them , first clean the rust by using Pflege RO-90 and then apply Pflege Pro CS,, when the bars are fully dry.
  • Store in cool and dry place with airtight lid.
  • While applying if Pflege Pro CS,  is spilled on skin, just wipe clean when wet. If dried, peel off lightly.
  • If brush or spray gun is used, clean up after use by Pflege Pro CS, SOLVENT.
Specific Note:
For removal of film from large/intricate surfaces, use Pflege Pro CS,  Solvent.
  • 450 ml Aerosol spray. [72 X 450 ml]
  • 5 X 5 ltrs.Pack.
  • 3] 20 Ltrs Pack.
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