Pflege Pro
There are many surfaces, which are required to be protected from corrosion or atmospheric effects. Also some surfaces need protection against handling effects. However, these surfaces cannot be painted due to practical problem. ‘Pflege Pro’ is a superlative polymer coat, which leaves very thin transparent film of approximately 3 microns, which is inert to even sea weather. This film also has optimum hardness to protect the surfaces from effects of repeated handling.
Appearance Liquid
Colour Very light Reddish yellow to colourless.
Density 0.88 Approx.
Odour Characteristic Polymer Odour.
  • Dipping Method : For small components which are to be entirely Protected.
  • Brush or spray gun : Where only particular area is to be protected or Where exact area to be covered.
  • Aerosol Spray : For small specific areas or for touch up jobs where existing film has broken during handling and usage.
  • 450 ml Aerosol spray.
  • 5 Ltrs Pack
  • 20 Ltrs Pack.
  • 100 Ltrs Pack.
Manufacturing unites, Solar Industry, Railway Industry, Steel manufacturing Industry, Valve Industry, Automobile Industry, Wind Mill Industry,Electronic Industry, Pipe Line Industry.