Pflege WX-9
It is a multipurpose maintenance aid.  It effectively greases, penetrates rust layers and is also mild lubricant & rust inhibitor. Very effective as nut bolt release preparation.  A very handy formulation for a variety of conservation assignments on rusted devices.
Appearance Liquid
Colour Colourless to light Amber
Odour Mild Aromatic
Density 0.82 approx.
Homogeneity Consistent
Dilution Nil
Flash Point Above 180 Degree Centigrade.
Pour Point < -18 Degree centigrade 
  • Apply spray on the area to be attended.  Allow reaction time between 10-30 minutes depending on severity of rust or cakes grease.
  • Apply by dipping or brush. Allow reaction time to 10-30 minutes depending on severity of rust or caked grease.
275 ML aerosol can / 550 ml aerosol can / 20 ltr  carboy.
Manufacturing unites, MSEB, Railway Industry, Automobile Industry, Wind Mill Industry,Electronic Industry, All Unites performing maintainance work.